Guadiana Basin, Spain/Portugal

Natural Environment

The Guadiana River Basin is a transboundary basin located in Spain and Portugal. It drains a total area of 67.133 km2 and the river has a length of 820 km. The Guadiana river flows westward throguh through the centre and south of Spain and through south-estern Portugal. Finally, the Guadiana river discharges to the Gulf of Cádiz in the Atlantic Ocean (Jafroudi 2018; Llams et al., 2013; Palop-Donat et al., 2020; Tsige et al., 2020).


The Guadiana Basin stretches from East to West and is bounded by the San Pedro-Toledo Mountains in the North and the Sierra Morena in the South (Tsige et al., 2020). The elevation is predominantly flat, with an average elevation of about 550 m.a.s.l. The highest peak within the basin is the Villuercas peak with a height of 1,601 m (Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadiana; Baena-Ruiz & Pulido-Velazquez, 2020). The DEM of the Guadiana Basin is shown in the map below.

Figure 2: Guadiana basin: Overview and topography.



The formation and structure of the Guadiana Basin was caused by Alpine tectonics. As a result of these processes, the Guadiana basin can be divided into two geological basins, the Vegas Bajas and Vegas Altas. Both basins were infilled with Cenozoic deposits (Tsige et al., 2020).



Approximately 80% of the basin's soils are classified as Inceptisol. Other identified soil types incluce Alfisol (Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadiana).



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