Catalogue of nature-based solutions

What is the Catalogue all about?

The initiated catalogue serves as a practical database, offering detailed information on a wide range of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and blue-green adaptation measures specifically suitable for rural regions in the context of climate change adaptation.

As most available resources focus on urban NbS, this provides a comprehensive overview of NbS tailored to rural settings and is a valuable resource for individuals and organizations seeking information.

Overview of the NbS Catalogue with adaptation measures

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The catalogue offers readers two main advantages:

1. The catalogue offers structured information and a thorough overview of NbS. As an open source of information, readers can explore different options and understand the potential benefits of each NbS measure.

2. First steps towards suitability assessment: Recognizing that every region has unique challenges, the catalogue assists users in assessing the suitability of NbS for their specific local context. Providing relevant details and considerations helps users identify which solutions align best with their needs and circumstances.

Beyond an overview for rural NbS

The catalogue goes beyond providing just a first overview of NbS suitable for rural contexts. It supports readers in taking the first steps toward assessing the suitability of NbS for addressing local challenges. By offering in-depth information, the catalogue facilitates informed decision-making and enables users to identify a first set of appropriate NbS for their specific circumstances.

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