River basins provide the geographical working unit for hydrologists and water managers as their boundaries obtain all the fresh water which is potentially available in a region. presents summarized information on selected river basins and gives an overview on some of the work which is carried out in river basins worldwide by our international group of institutions towards a more integrated management of water resources. Key objective of is to give an insight in bio-physical, institutional and socioeconomic catchment characteristics for stakeholders and researchers providing data sources and a state of the art with references. Furthermore the groups´ expertise and work approaches related to river basin assessment and management are illustrated.




Water Security and Climate Change Conference, 18.-21.09.2017

Achieving water security is one of the major challenges faced by society on both a global and local level today. Building bridges between disciplines, sectors and different groups of stakeholders, the conference served as a platform for discussions towards water secure societies. Organized by the Centers for Natural Resources and Development (CNRD, TH Köln) and the International Network on Sustainable Water Management in Developing Countries (SWINDON, TU Braunschweig) in cooperation with the Food Security Center (FSC), the conference aimed at yielding innovative ideas and grounds for implementation. 

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LUCCi consortium publishs a joint publication by Springer

A joint publication of the LUCCi project consortium will be published by the Springer Publishing House. The book summarizes the key findings of the five-year BMBF funded LUCCi project. The huge value of the LUCCi results in the development process of land and water management strategies has been strongly confirmed by local authorities. The Springer publication serves as a case study for Da Nang City - a rapidly growing and developing urban city, surrounded by remote areas and characterized by increasing migration and limited development.

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Adapta Workshop in Rio and Fortaleza, 16th - 22nd March, 2017

In the scope of the ADAPTA project (“Adaptive drought risk management as strategy to reduce climate change impacts”) two workshops were held on 16th March in Rio de Janeiro and on 20th - 22nd March, 2017 in Fortaleza. The interdisciplinary ADAPTA project (2016-2018) aims at quantifying drought risks and vulnerability in the tropical Paraíba do Sul and semiarid Jaguaribe river basins and at developing adaptive management strategies to generate resilience against an increasing drought risk in the context of climate change. The project is currently led by the University of Ceará in cooperation with the State University of Rio de Janeiro and ITT (TH Köln).

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