Data Inventory

What is the COWASA-related Data Inventory?

Welcome to the COWASA Data Inventory! As our approach includes knowledge sharing and data accessibility, we have curated an online inventory of data products specifically tailored to Southern Africa. This inventory serves as a valuable resource for researchers, academics, and stakeholders interested in water security and hydro-climatic extremes analysis.

The COWASA Data Inventory provides an overview of various hydro-meteorological and socio-economic data sets that are relevant to understanding water security dynamics in the region. Through this inventory, you can explore key parameters that include:

  • precipitation
  • evaporation
  • land cover
  • temperature
  • GDP per capita
  • access to electricity
  • and more

Within the data inventory, you will find a comprehensive list of data sources along with detailed information about spatial coverage, format, time coverage, and frequency. The data inventory provides the visitors with a clear idea of the data's applicability and relevance to their research or analysis.

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As an example, the figure below illustrates how we can extract valuable insights from problem detection, specifically in the context of flooding. This allows us to understand the different factors that contribute to risk, such as: hazard, vulnerability and exposure.


To ensure accurate estimation of these indicators, we depend on a carefully designed data inventory that provides significant assistance to estimate those indicators, as demonstrated in the descriptive data table presented below.

This inventory will support you in finding adequate data sets, gain insights, and contribute to data-driven research and decision-making processes related to water security and hydro-climatic extremes in Southern Africa.

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