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River Basin Inventories

Basin Inventories

Information and data related to river basins are usually spread among many sector dependent institutions and companies. Sustainable water allocation and river basin management, however, requires a holistic view of the natural environment, water resources availability and also about all water uses in the basin.

Therefore our research group where possible elaborates basin inventories comprising a cross disciplinary scientific basin description on the one hand and an overview on the available hydro-meteorological and spatial data and their sources on the other. 


Table: List of information products collected for a basic basin inventory 

Issue Data    

Water and Environment

Landscape Geomorphology
  Vegetation and land cover  
  Land use
  Water dependent ecosystems/ biodiversity
Water cycle and climate Precipitation, temperature, humidity, radiation, wind speed, ET0   
  Discharge and water availability
  Groundwater level volumes  
  Water levels (lakes and reservoirs)  
  Water quality  
  Monitoring stations and data availability  
  Climate change predictions and General Circulation Models 
Boundary Basin and administrative boundaries

Socio-Economics and Governance

Water Economics Agricultural production
  Industrial activities
  Quantification of water demands over space and time
  Value of water in relation to various activities
  Water productivity
Social Issues Demography and population 
  Cultural and social descriptors of population
  Political boundaries
  Stakeholder and conflict analysis
Water Law and Administration

Legislation with relevance to water resources management 

  Water policies and institutions: their mandate and role (eg. RBOs)
Water Policy Existing water resources policies and strategies of international, national and local (basin) relevance  
Governance State of participation of public, stakeholders, private sector  
  Transparency, corruption, accountability

Water users and Infrastructure

Infrastructure Reservoirs
  Irrigation systems
  Wastewater and water supply infrastructure: location, technical features, status
Users Irrigation systems
  Domestic and industrial supply
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